2014 Shortlist – Best Typography – The Boy and the Cherry Tree

Mary Egan Publishing Award for
Best Typography 2014

Highly Commended

The Boy and the Cherry Tree cover imageDesigner Rowan Sommerset
Title The Boy and the Cherry Tree by Mark and Rowan Sommerset
Publisher Dreamboat Books
Format 286 x 206mm, 46pp, jacketed hardback, uncoated stock, spot UV on jacket and internal pages, gatefold
Fonts Set in a combination of hand-lettering and American Typewriter 16.5/20pt, and title in Bramley
Judges’ Comments A delightful study in how children’s typography need not be childish. If you want to expose your dearest Kinder to elegant, thoughtful type, you can do no better than this. The layouts feature a lovely combination of set type and hand-rendered text. The drawn typeface is perfectly judged, leaving the spoken narrative with just the right balance of playfulness and whimsy, integrating beautifully with the illustrations.

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