Essential New Zealand Poems – 2015 Best Non Illustrated finalist

Everbest Printing Award for
Best Non-Illustrated Book 2015

Highly Commended 2015

Essential New Zealand Poems cover

Designer Cover design Alan Deare (Area Design), interior design Megan van Staden
Title Essential New Zealand Poems selected by Siobhan Harvey, James Norcliffe and Harry Ricketts
Publisher Random House New Zealand
Format 208 x 145mm, 320pp, flexibound, cloth cover printed 4 colour over 300gsm artboard. Text 120gsm Superior Ivory

Judges’ Comments This is a rather lovely compendium of historical and contemporary New Zealand poetry. The cover hit the mark with a mid-century feel that brings to mind 20th Century New Zealand landscape painting and the theme of place and geography that runs through many of the poems. The printed linen finish of the cover set this book apart from the pack. The punchy flash of mint at the endpapers and creamy text pages made this a thoroughly enjoyable book to leaf through and return to again and again.

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