2010 Archive Best Children’s Book

Scholastic Award for Best Children’s Book

Shortlist 2010

Old Hu-HuDesigner Michael Greenfield
Title Old Hu-Hu by Rachel Driscoll
Publisher Scholastic
Format 240mm x 250mm, 32pp, unjacketed hardback with printed, laminated case and printed endpapers
Judges’ comments Kyle Mewburn’s beautiful story of death and the celebration of life is complemented by powerful and evocative illustrations by Rachel Driscoll. Michael Greenfield’s design collaboration with the illustrator uses a typeface with multiple versions of each character, giving the lettering a soft, hand-drawn feel. This is a handsome hardback with appealing endpapers.
Ben and MarkDesigner Anna Seabrook
Title Ben and Mark by Christine Fernyhough
Publisher Random House New Zealand
Format 240mm x 200mm, 76pp, paperback with flaps
Judges’ comments This book tells the true story of two boys who live on one of New Zealand’s largest high-country stations. The book is heavily illustrated with John Bougen’s fine photographs, and Anna Seabrook’s design, with its rough-hewn but accessible typography, makes the overall result most pleasing.
The Wonky DonkeyDesigner Anita Mcleod, Book Design Ltd (designer), Katz Cowley (illustrator)
Title The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith
Publisher Scholastic New Zealand
Format 240mm x 250mm, 24pp, paperback with flaps
Judges’ comments This book has been something of a publishing phenomenon, with New Zealand sales already exceeding 30,000 copies and
US and Australian editions about to be published. Reading the book, hearing the song and observing the hilarious illustrations supported by loud and quirky typography, it is easy to understand the title’s commercial success.

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