2017 Young Designer of the Year WINNER



Sam Bunny

Sam Bunny is an award-winning designer based in Auckland. He is currently a UI/UX Designer at Roam Creative working on digital products like apps, websites and animations. Before that, he was a Designer at Penguin Random House New Zealand, working within print media such as book covers, typesetting, and illustration.

His personal work is often made up of vector based illustration, lettering, and animation. His ongoing style exploration can be found on his Instagram or Dribbble. See www.sambunny.com for more examples of Sam’s work.

Judges’ Comments Sam Bunny’s portfolio showcases a wonderful range of designs across a number of categories. His work is consistently measured, visually enticing and exhibits a good understanding of the subject matter. From the substantial non-fiction The Great Kiwi Pub Crawl, to the haunting monochromatic The Salted Air, to the playful design of Grandad’s Wheelies and the mysterious but impactful cover illustration of The Impossible Boy, all his work hits the right tone and is well executed. Bunny seems to have fun with his designs and his work effectively serves the purpose of making you want to read these titles.

 Enemy Camp
Publisher Penguin Random House New Zealand

Title Grandad’s Wheelies
Publisher Penguin Random House New Zealand

Title The Great Kiwi Pub Crawl
Publisher Penguin Random House New Zealand

Title The Impossible Boy
Publisher Penguin Random House New Zealand

Title The Salted Air
Publisher Penguin Random House New Zealand

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