Anna Egan-Reid – Allen & Unwin Young Designer of the Year 2016



Anna Egan-Reid

Anna Egan-Reid

­Anna Egan-Reid is a graphic designer specialising in book design.

Anna started her career in the book industry working as an illustrator for the Australian publisher, Elsevier, while studying Art History and English at the University of Otago.

After travelling the world for a couple of years Anna settled back in Auckland where she honed her skills and learnt all the finer points of book design working at Pindar New Zealand.

From 2010 to 2012 she worked in-house at Penguin Books (NZ) and has since freelanced to a number of publishing houses throughout New Zealand including Te Papa Press, HarperCollins and Scholastic.

Since 2013 Anna has been working alongside her mother and sister in the family business, Mary Egan Publishing.

Judges’ Comments.  The winning portfolio features a broad range of books, from the illustrated and information-heavy Living in Paradox to the hand-painted Death and Forgiveness, inviting reading with its clingy velvet lamination and embossed type. And let’s not forget the audience-appropriate, pink-accented, celebrity shocker They Let Me Write a Book!. In all of these, Anna Egan-Reid demonstrates her skill in dealing with a wide range of texts, images and audiences. May she continue to make books for many years to come.


Title They Let Me Write a Book!
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers(NZ)

cover-Death and Forgivenss
Title Death and Forgiveness
Publisher Mary Egan Publishing


Title Stories Men Tell
Publisher Mary Egan Publishing 


Title The Darlimurla Letters
Publisher Tui Press


Title Living in Paradox
Publisher Blue Acres Press