Anna Egan-Reid – 2015 Young Designer of the Year finalist


Highly Commended

Anna Egan-Reid

Anna Egan-Reid portrait shot

­Anna Egan-Reid is a graphic designer specialising in book design.

Anna started her career in the book industry working as an illustrator for the Australian publisher, Elsevier, while studying Art History and English at the University of Otago.

After travelling the world for a couple of years Anna settled back in Auckland where she honed her skills and learnt all the finer points of book design working at Pindar New Zealand.

From 2010 to 2012 she worked in-house at Penguin Books (NZ) and has since freelanced to a number of publishing houses throughout New Zealand including Te Papa Press, HarperCollins and Scholastic.

Since then Anna has been working alongside her mother and sister in her family business, Mary Egan Publishing.

Judges’ Comments Anna Egan-Reid had a very strong portfolio of titles. A deft hand at a wide range of design styles she is also extremely competent at the more elaborate fully-illustrated works such as Holding on to Me, My Darling Lemon Time and Super Power Baby Project.

My Darling Lemon Thyme cover image

Title My Darling Lemon Thyme
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers(NZ)

Holding onto Home cover image
Title Holding onto Home
Publisher Te Papa Press

Riding into War cover image

Title 1914: Riding into War
Publisher Scholastic New Zealand 

Richard Seddon cover image

Title Richard Seddon: King of God’s Own
Publisher Penguin Books (NZ)

Super Power Baby Project

Title Super Power Baby Project
Publisher Evie’s Book Club Ltd