Cazador — game, offal and the rest — HarperCollins Publishers Award for Best Cover 2017 FINALIST

HarperCollins Publishers Award for Best Cover 2017


Designer: Tim Donaldson and Amanda Gaskin, Sea Change Studio
Title: Cazador — game, offal & the rest
Publisher: Cazador  
Format: 240 x 170mm, 248pp, exposed and thread sewn to reflect the raw stripped back aesthetic of the food and interior, and make it feel like it could be an old field guide with spine ripped off. Burgundy linen was used as a reference to the old table-cloths used in the restaurant. The books are personally signed by the Cazadors, and are sent out wrapped in butcher’s paper and string.
Typography: Display typeface is Matrix Bold (variable type sizes and leading). Supporting typefaces are Apercu: Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Mono (variable type sizes and leading), Fortescue Regular (variable type sizes and leading).

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