Cazador — game, offal and the rest — WINNER 2017 Gerard Reid Award for Best Book sponsored by Nielsen Book

2017 Gerard Reid Award for Best Book
Sponsored by Nielsen Book


Designer: Tim Donaldson and Amanda Gaskin, Sea Change Studio
Title: Cazador — game, offal & the rest
Publisher: Cazador  
Format: 240 x 170mm, 248pp, exposed and thread sewn to reflect the raw stripped back aesthetic of the food and interior, and make it feel like it could be an old field guide with spine ripped off. Burgundy linen was used as a reference to the old table-cloths used in the restaurant. FSG stock used.
Typography: Display typeface is Matrix Bold (variable type sizes and leading). Supporting typefaces are Apercu: Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Mono (variable type sizes and leading), Fortescue Regular (variable type sizes and leading).

Judges’ Comments Artful…Shortlisted for Best Typography and winner of Best Cover and Best Cook Book, Cazador’s design lifts it above simply a cookbook, it breaks it’s genre and becomes something of its own, artful and unique. Something I suspect is also in the soul of the establishment (Cazador) itself.

Brave, classic, yet excitingly contemporary. Cazador’s exquisite production values are immediately seductive. It is beautiful to hold and look at. The blood linen cover, exposed ‘frenched like’ binding (that opens flat for function), arresting artful photography, an interestingly paced layout that never gets pedestrian, knife-like typography that also plays homage to the 1980’s heritage of it’s restaurant home. The outward beauty is sensitively matched by a depth of thought that reveals the soul of Cazador (the restaurant) and its story. An outstanding package.

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