Social Work in Aotearoa New Zealand — Edify Award for Best Educational Book 2017 FINALIST

Edify Award for Best Educational Book 2017


Designer: Kate Barraclough
Title: Social Work in Aotearoa New Zealand
Publisher: Massey University Press
Format: 210 x 148mm, 240pp, limpbound. Printed on uncoated stock to give the book a more approachable feel and make it feel lighter in the hand. This is a course text but the brief was to make it approachable, accessible and user-friendly and to create a bright, appealing design that matched the warm tone of the text. It was decided to make the book full colour, and to make a strong design feature of the wide range of side panels, breakout boxes, links to QR codes and URLs. The intention was to create a course book that was fresh and distinctive and that students would want to read and use.
Typography: Karmina Regular 12pt/16pt with Calibre Light 11.5pt/16pt and Tiempos Headline Black for headings.

Judges’ Comments Don’t judge a book by its cover – a disappointing cover image is not enough to detract from a very well-designed text book that lays out the text patiently and supplies useful breaks and pull-quotes throughout. This could have been dry – but the use of colour and shorter sections of text elevate it.

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